Who is Keith Baxter?

In a world filled with lots of online marketing gurus, Keith Baxter has concrete skills behind all his hype. Rather than selling programs with vague advice, Baxter specializes in a technique that generates so much Internet traffic for websites that it often causes online “traffic jams.”

Baxter has been online since the BBS days. He has run his own businesses since he was 13 years old. From dating services to fuel boosters, Baxter has always had a knack for business. In 1998, Baxter realized the Internet was the most amazing marketing tool the world had ever seen. He immediately began to chase down his fortune online.

Baxter is the first to admit that not all the projects he’s touched have turned to gold. In fact, he estimates that only one in ten have had a decent amount of success. He estimates that only one in fifty have really taken flight. He states that the true measure of success in his life had nothing to do with business. It was the day his baby was born.

Despite his modesty, Baxter is a self-made millionaire. His main focus has been in search engine optimization techniques. He found years ago that making even the slightest of changes to his websites made a dramatic impact on the daily traffic that would visit his sites. So, he decided to devote himself to researching the art and science of search engine optimization. Once he developed a decent amount of insight, he started writing and selling his knowledge to other Internet marketers.

He advocates his methods for optimizing many various types of websites. He encourages business owners to think outside of the ordinary. His newsletter offers advice on search engine optimization to give his clients an edge over their competition. He usually sees results in just a couple of days.

According to Baxter, his newsletter is the source for inside track information on making money online. He states, “Each week I provide my members 25 hot markets and completely research keyword lists to go along with those markets. It’s a great service that’s helping members make a lot of money.”

Baxter’s most famous software programs include Ranking Power, Niche Monster, and Traffic Monkey. His search engine optimization advice can be found atwww.nothingheldback.com. Many online marketers attribute their success to his skills, and they are available to anyone that seeks them out.

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